Get FireLyte, the Ultimate Firestarter Solution!

Fire, one of mankind’s most important discoveries of all time. It warms us, makes our food safe to eat, water safe to drink, and simply just nice to enjoy. It is so important that it shouldn’t be left to chance.

FireLyte Fire Starting Putty removes that chance. FireLyte’s unique blend makes it the ideal fire starter. FireLyte ignites fast and produces a large long-lasting flame to start even stubborn fuel. It is moldable and sticks to most surfaces. Remember that dough kids played with? FireLyte is like that.. except flammable.

There is now no need to find the perfect tinder. No need to place your kindling just right. No frustrations from knocking over the kindling you just placed trying to light that tinder. You can now build your fire in seconds. Just stick and light.

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