Frequently Asked Questions

How much FireLyte should I use?

Depends on how big of flame you would like or the conditions you are experiencing. For good conditions with dry wood, a pinch will suffice.

How long does FireLyte burn for?

Depends on the shape you use. The more compact the shape is the longer it will burn. A candle shape will burn for nearly ten minutes. Most other shapes will burn with a strong flame for about four to six minutes and taper down for another two.

How should I use FireLyte?

You can use FireLyte in the center of your kindling like normal tinder, use it to hold your kindling together for your teepee type fire, stick it to a piece of wood and prop it up for lean-to type fire, or even place FireLyte on the end of a stick, light it, then move the stick to the fire you’re trying to start.

The fastest way to start a fire with FireLyte is:
– Remove some amount of FireLyte from the can.
– Pinch it apart with both hands and recombine the halves with the fibers facing the same direction.
– Affix the FireLyte to a piece of kindling with the fibers facing out.
– Ignite.

This entire process can give you a flame strong enough to build a fire with in under ten seconds after opening the can.

Is FireLyte windproof or waterproof?

FireLyte is windproof. Shapes with many fibers exposed can be windproof as soon as it is lit, but more compact solid shapes may take several seconds for the flame to become established enough to be windproof.

FireLyte is completely waterproof when in solid shapes. It can be repeatedly submerged or be exposed to rain without any loss of performance. Submersion or exposure to too much rain at once with many exposed fibers can make that shape more difficult to light. If this happens simply reform it and expose new fibers.