FireLyte Firestarting Putty – Cozy


Introducing “Cozy”, the ultimate firestarter DIY solution for all your fire-starting needs in normal everyday temperatures. With a temperature range of 30 degrees F to 90 degrees F, Cozy is optimized to perform exceptionally and remain a pleasant workable putty in everyday scenarios.

It is perfect for camping trips, a day and night at the beach, or even just lighting up the fireplace on a cool evening. With FireLyte Cozy, you can be confident that your fire will start quickly and burn strong. Try Cozy now and never struggle to start a fire again. Don’t let traditional fire-starting techniques frustrate you any longer. Order your FireLyte Firestarting Putty today and see the difference for yourself.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 3 × 1 in


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