Burn Long

For a long lasting fire starter, shape some FireLyte Firestarting Putty into a ball about the size of a quarter and form a small wick on top.

This method produces a flame approximately one inch across and about four to six inches tall, and will typically last between eight and ten minutes.

Burn Big

For a fire starter with an impressive flame, pinch apart a ball of FireLyte Firestarting Putty and recombine the halves with the fibers facing up.

This method produces a flame approximately two inches across and about six to twelve inches tall (depending on wind), and will last about five minutes.

Forgot Wood

When you feel like skipping the fire starter step and just want to make a big freakin fire in seconds, use it all!

Remove FireLyte Firestarting Putty from the can and spread it around on a big surface and make sure there are lots of fibers exposed. Not the most cost effective method, but what if you forgot to gather wood, and it's dark, and you don't want to be cold while you gather wood?

You can also use this method just for showing off your impressive brand new fire starting putty.

Always use fire responsibly.